18 DEC. 2009

Trademark examination process in China to be improved in 2012

According to a plan recently released by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC), China is now striving to improve the quality of its trademark-related services to meet various demands. It is expected that the cycle of trademark examination will be reduced to less than 10 months in 2012. Meanwhile, the maximum cycle for receiving objections and approving accreditation will also be decreased to 20 months. These changes indicate that trademark applications will become more convenient, thereby encouraging companies to set up their brands in China.

Over the past decades, the volume of trademark application in China has gone up by about 100,000 applications each year, and the capacity of trademark examination wasn’t able to keep up with the increase. Applications were frequently suspended, having a detrimental effect on the process of business development.

According to the statistics from SAIC, a record-breaking number of trademark applications have been made in 2009, which will add up to 800,000 in total at the end of this year. Meanwhile, officials in trademark office are trying to speed up the process. A million proposals have been examined by September 15, while the total number for 2009 is estimated to be 1.3 million. Officials from SAIC stated that in the future more emphasis will be placed on the quality of their service.

With the upcoming reforms, trademark applicants in China will get a much faster response than they did before. The increased efficiency of the government service will help to simplify the brand naming process in the Chinese market to encourage both local and foreign companies to register their trademarks here. However, we should also notice that convenient trademark registration is just one side of a successful branding process. A comprehensive linguistic check and market research are also essential to ensure a successful brand name in China.
Picture from , The State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China

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