Peugeot Rebrands with New Brand Identity

Recently, the French carmaker Peugeot unveiled a new brand logo as well as a revamped slogan in Paris, marking the beginning of its rebranding campaign across the world as the brand approaches its 200th anniversary.

Peugeot’s new logo is its 10th logo during its history and appears more dynamic and modern compared with the previous ones. The new Lion, the symbol of the brand for centuries, appears simpler in its three-dimensional design, which stands alone without its traditional blue flag to create a more powerful effect. According to Peugeot, “The new Lion represents a confidence founded on a range of new products set to reinforce Peugeot’s position as a leading global vehicle manufacturer.” Meanwhile, Peugeot also released its new slogan “Motion & Emotion”, to replace its previous one, “Engineered to be Enjoyed”. The new slogan intends to strengthen emotion as a key component of the driving experience.

For Peugeot, or any other brand, a new brand identity can be a turning point and can represent a brand repositioning. As a creative and fundamental part of the branding process, visual identity should create a strong impression and communicate the brand vision, meaning, and differentiation, among other elements. A distinctive visual identity helps the brand stand out in the competitive marketplace, enforces the effectiveness of its message, and improves brand loyalty.

Rebranding is a delicate art. The brand must strive to maintain consistency so they do not dilute their existing brand equity, but at the same time rejuvenate the brand in an attractive and exciting way to stimulate future growth. It seems Peugeot understands this, and their fresh and powerful identity should help them to become a more competitive global brand in the years to come.

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