10 MAY. 2010

Kimberly-Clark Reaches Out to Entrepreneurial Moms

In order to reach moms with innovative ideas and business ambitions, diaper giant Huggies launched a new program, called, which aims to provide venture capital funding to entrepreneurial mothers. With this website, Kimberly-Clark brand further strengthened its relationship with its target audience and customers, many of whom are business women and social media users.

This recent program addressed a perceived need in the market: according to a 2008 research report from the National Association of Women Business Owners, female-run businesses grew two times faster than the overall businesses with the rate of 23 percent. However, women often faced difficulties when applying for capital funding for their startups — only 3 percent of all venture capital funds go to women, according to Babson College research.
With its new program, Kimberly-Clark strengthened its diaper brand through a creative and win-win approach. Firstly, Kimberly-Clark may be the first in the packaged-goods company in the world to form a foundation for entrepreneurial moms, making the brand stand out in the baby care industry. With MomInspired, Kimberly-Clark effectively differentiated its brand from competitors. Moms, as the core customers of baby diapers, will regard Kimberly-Clark as an understanding and trustworthy brand due to its warm attention and respect for the ambitions of women. Secondly, with its large market share and solid brand reputation, this initiative will further improve Kimberly-Clark’s brand image. High relevance and consistency will improve brand loyalty among consumers.
The strong sense of support and acceptance provided by the MomInspired program will improve the confidence of young moms, especially business women, and contribute to the esteem they have for Huggies and Kimberly Clark brands. The products of a brand that supports entrepreneurial women can also be trusted to take care of babies as well. Finally, facing a highly competitive marketplace, Kimberly-Clark can help more moms and customers understand what their brand stands for, what their core concept or big idea is. We can see from this initiative that Huggies is not just about selling diapers and baby products, but the brand aims to nurture the relationship between mother and child. The grant program should bring more care and attention to entrepreneurial moms, and meanwhile, enhance Huggies brand knowledge and awareness with customers.
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