We are excited to announce the March issue of LABReport, our quarterly publication dedicated to branding in China. In each issue, we pose a major question, and leave it to our Labbrandians to analyze and answer. In our articles we alternate between five lenses in line with our specialties: naming, digital, design, research, and strategy.

For March 2016, the question we posed is omnipresent: How does the economic slowdown affect brands in China? No brand can escape the consequences of an economic slowdown. Big or small, B2B or B2C, every brand has had to carefully audit their existing practices and make long-term strategic decisions to survive in a hyper-competitive and increasingly volatile marketplace.

But what is it like in the belly of the beast, where a slowdown in manufacturing is causing anxiety around the world?

This compilation of four articles – research, digital, strategy and naming – aims to shed light on what brands can expect to see in China, from the consumer, the marketplace, and of course the brands, in a time of great growing pains.

How can your brand stay ahead? The answers may surprise you.

- Vladimir Djurovic and the LABReport Team



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