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We are excited to bring you this special edition of LABReport, our quarterly publication dedicated to Brand Innovations. In each issue, our thought leaders share insights and perspectives on the positive power of branding, highlighting our key disciplines including research, strategy, naming and design.

To mark the beginning of another exciting and adventurous year, this LABReport selects our favorite articles from 2017 that tap into branding trends that matter greatly to brand builders at this right moment around the world.

From the importance of testing your brand names for success, to the innovative approach of brand equity tracking, as well as the winning strategies behind the thriving platform and Fintech brands, 2017 marked a new chapter of disruptive brand thinking. Through these thought pieces, we inspire global brands to reach new horizons in 2018.

We invite you to read on and explore the positive power of branding with us. Enjoy!

- Vladimir Djurovic and the LABReport Team



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