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15 years ago it all started with Naming. Now Labbrand has successfully created numerous award-winning brand names and taglines for brands all over the world in multiple languages.

We are proud to bring this special article collection "The Art of Naming" to you. It is a collaboration in which our naming experts from Labbrand global offices share their expertise and give their valuable insights on what naming is all about.

  1. Conveying Sensoriality in Naming
  2. What Most People Overlook in Development of Brand Names
  3. How Semiotics and Cultural Codes Can Help You to Find the Right Name for Your Brand?
  4. World’s Largest Zoo Created by a Chinese Company—How Alibaba Uses Symbolic Naming to Boost the Brand
  5. Creating Your Brand Language across Consumers’ Brand Experience Journey
  6. Making Sense of Sound—Sound Symbolism & Naming
  7. Chinese Brand Names Go Global: Can They Protect IP Abroad?
  8. Setting Your Naming Process up for Success—The Diamond in the Rough

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