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It is our great pleasure to bring you our first LABReport in 2018 in which we focus on the ever so popular topic of ‘glocalization’. LABReport is our quarterly publication dedicated to Brand Innovations. In each issue, our thought leaders share insights and perspectives on the positive power of branding, highlighting our key disciplines including research, strategy, naming and design.

Despite the political climate, the global economy has continued to integrate and interplay with more and more multinational brands thriving beyond borders. However, adapting to regional characteristics while maintaining a consistent global strategy has always been the challenge for many brands.

In this issue, we discuss the question of ‘globalize vs. localize’ with our branding experts around the world. From the distinctive perspectives of semiotics, research, strategy and naming, we are excited to share with you our experiences and discoveries on this fascinating topic.

We hope you enjoy reading.

- The LABReport Team

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