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We are pleased to announce the New Year’s edition of LABReport, our quarterly publication dedicated to branding in China and beyond. In each issue, we bring together thought leaders from around the company to share perspectives on the innovative processes of branding. Our analysis alternates between five lenses in line with our specialties: research, strategy, naming, design, and digital.

To mark the beginning of what is sure to be another full and eventful year, this LABReport curates our top articles from 2016 to revisit some branding topics that global brand builders cannot afford to ignore. From the shifting Chinese economy, to the subtle but undeniable power of building strong verbal assets, to the recent leaps forward in connected objects and digital innovation, 2016 was a defining year for brands around the world. We therefore look back to our most cited thought pieces of the past year to help brands visualize, project, and discover their brand aspirations in 2017.

We invite you to read on and explore the boundaries of branding with us. Enjoy!

- Vladimir Djurovic and the LABReport Team



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