15 JUN. 2012

Gucci Encourages Sustainability by Launching Environmentally Friendly Footwear

The iconic Italian luxury brand Gucci has continued its close involvement to sustainable products by recently launching a new line of eco-friendly footwear for men and women called “sustainable soles”. These shoes, made out of biodegradable materials, will be available for sale this summer for 220 US Dollars.



Gucci is an internationally renowned Italian luxury company founded in 1921. Gucci was made famous through its ready-to-wear and its Haute-Couture products, which today are highly demanded and globally recognized. Gucci belongs to the French multinational holding company PPR. The company is not only famous its high revenues, but is also a major source for generating employment. To this day, Gucci operates 370 stores around the world. In order to nurture “eco-friendly initiatives” Gucci acquired the ISO 14001 environmental certification, which marked the beginning of their environmental-friendly campaign.

Environmental degradation has become a major source of concern for individuals living in the 21st century. Although major advances have already been made within the realms of transportation, sustainability has remained a pending issue within the garment and luxury sectors. Thus, the development of eco-crafted products can trigger questions concerning brand image and strategy.
This eco-friendly trend is being pioneered by Gucci and is evolving at an astonishing. This is not the first time Gucci chooses market environmentally friendly products. In 2010, Gucci launched a line of environmentally friendly eyewear which used natural materials ranging from bamboo to fluid-wood.
Gucci designers are all excited to introduce their new smoothly designed summer footwear. The fact that Gucci choose to engage itself in an environmentally friendly project, works to influence other well renowned fashion companies to implement recyclable materials into their garments and luxury accessories. The concept of “eco-friendly” luxury product is quite contrary to the common materials associated with luxury brands, such as fur and leather. However, Gucci is also known for their signature bamboo products. The association between sustainable products and Gucci can be drawn easier than other luxury brands. Whether or not Gucci decides to heavily focus on sustainability or just releasing several products annually in the future, it will have a competitive brand differentiation over other luxury brands with this leverage.

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