25 JUL. 2018

Going Deeper than the Buzz: UNIQLO the Apparel for Life

On 2nd July 2018, with the official start of the Championships, Wimbledon 2018, Roger Federer, considered as the greatest tennis player of all-time, walked into the court wearing UNIQLO’s sportswear announcing the partnership with UNIQLO to become its new global ambassador.

It is said that UNIQLO would pay $30 million a year for the endorsement of Federer, totaling $300 million in 10 years, which created a new high in sponsorship fees in professional tennis history. Nevertheless, at the age of 36, it is hard for Federer to continue his glory for ten years limited by physical and mental energy. At this point, why did UNIQLO still choose to spend this large amount of money in building up the partnership with Federer?

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With this question, let’s take a closer look at UNIQLO using our 4 Facets of Brand Positioning

Truth – Practicability

UNIQLO puts Japanese values of simplicity, quality and longevity on its apparel and produces. With simple but elegant and well-tailored clothing, UNIQLO advocates the basic classic creation to match the infinite possibilities of aesthetics, making clothing the building blocks of each individual’s style. Meanwhile, this basic principle also leaves room for creativity. You definitely remembered the collaboration between UNIQLO and KAWS, Jil Sander, Undercover, J.W. Anderson or Doraemon, which were sold out in 5 minutes after being launched.

From the very beginning, UNIQLO is committed to add technologies to everyday clothes to bring more warmth, more lightness, better design, and better comfort to everyone's life, which has been shown in their HEATTECH, ULD, Dry-EX and AIRism series. Thermal underwear improved by HEATTECH can be unexpectedly filmy, light and warm, which instantly became the hot sale once it was released to the market. These unique functionalities make UNIQLO really stand out from all those fast fashion clothing brands.

Source: UNIQLO Website

Moreover, most of the UNIQLO’s clothes can be purchased with 200 RMB even less which are almost affordable to everyone. Fair price with high-qualified apparel and services forms the core competitiveness of UNIQLO and engages mass customers.

Vision – Being the LifeWear

UNIQLO is committed to make innovative high-quality clothing that is universal in design and comfort and made for everyone, everywhere. No matter which social groups you are in, how old you are, male or female, student or business man. With LifeWear, they want to explore the meaning of clothing - why do we get dressed? That’s the reason they make clothing for - to make everyday life better.

Occasion – A Regular Day in Life

UNIQLO produces clothing that can bring relaxation and freedom. They make clothing not for stage, not for camera lens, not for dinner parties, but for everyday life.

Every normal day, people just walk on the street with their families or friends wearing soft and comfortable blouses, sweaters, casual pants or skirts from UNIQLO, enjoying the good mood sunshine brings them. Wearing comfortable clothing, do the things they love. Life is simple but beatific.

Source: UNIQLO Website

Personality – A Regular Guy

An apparel brand as it is, UNIQLO is more like a regular, easy-going guy than a modern girl. Thus, you can find that the UNIQLO stores are well-organized and warehouse-like, offering clothes in all sizes and colors. This guy always tidies his room up and makes his friends feel comfortable staying together with him.

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Now let’s turn back to the question we raised at the beginning of this article. Why did UNIQLO decide to partner with Roger Federer for 10 years?

As a popular sport worldwide, tennis sport shows its great charm and influence. Simplicity, comfort and freedom which athletes pursue in sportswear consist perfectly with the spirit of UNIQLO. There is no doubt that this newly-built partnership will increase the brand’s impact around the world. More importantly, keeping the partnership even after Federer’s done playing echoes with UNIQLO’s positioning of being the apparel for life – not only on the court but also in daily life.

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