Going Deeper Than The Buzz: NIO More than a Car

The Electric Vehicle (EV) is becoming a more mainstream option when people are considering to buy a car. Among the wave of new electric car brands, NIO is the one of the standouts, with funding backed by several big names such as Tencent, JD, Xiaomi and Hillhouse Capital.

As a global startup, NIO declares itself as a “user brand” rather than a “car brand”. Let’s take a look inside NIO using the 4 Facets of Brand Positioning and identify how the brand makes itself more than just a car.

Truth: Innovation Substantiated by Engineering

NIO provides high performance smart EVs that’s grounded in human ingenuity. On December 16th 2018, NIO officially launched the ES8 SUV. With the comprehensive advanced driver assistance system NIO PILOT, the world’s first in-car AI system NOMI and the new charging experience NIO Power, ES8 creates a truly mobile living space to consumers. Meanwhile, NIO EVE, a conceptual autonomous car goes one step further and is going to free people from driving in the future. This is what NIO aims to provide to its passengers. The brand redefines the driving experience by offering premium user experience backed by smart engineering and technology.

NIO EVE (Source: NIO Official Website)

Vision: Blue Sky Coming

The brand believes that when ownership experience exceeds a user’s expectations, EVs will simply become the natural choice for every and thus leading the world to a more sustainable tomorrow. This sentiment is fully expressed and incorporated in NIO’s brand name and logo design. The semicircle on the top symbolizes the sky, openness, vision, the future. The bottom sectionhints at the earth, direction, action and forward momentum as it approaches the horizon.NIO believes that the future is in electric and autonomous vehicles, and aims to lead the way to make this happen.

Universe: The Utopia of Tomorrow

The universe that NIO exists in, or is trying to shape, is a world where life is improved, enhanced and perfected by clean energy. For NIO car owners to take a glimpse into this future, the brand has an extensive network of clubhouses, called NIO Houses, designed to become a kind of “home away from home” wherever drivers take their NIO cars. This escape from the bustle of the city provides a vast space of multi-purpose areas as well as a NIO showroomthat includes an open kitchen, a library, a forum, a “joy camp” for children to play in and many more. Each NIO house is covered in greenery and neatly laid out in minimalistic design, where the natural light seeps in through the tall panes of glass windows and walls. 

NIO House (Source: NIO Official Website)

Personality: The Considerate Innovator

NIO cares just as much about the driving experience as the hardware of the vehicle. Through technological innovation in not only its EV technology but also its user system, NIO has painted itself as the considerate innovator who takes care of your needs while offering a delightful experience. As the creator, NIO is smart, thoughtful and innovative. Its refreshing personality in the automotive industry strengths the sense of belonging for drivers to won one of NIO’s EVs and unite them on approaching the horizon against the blue sky. 

Conclusion: Blazing a Trail for the Future

Since the industrial age, cars have always been an proxy and a forward indicator of technological progress. But we have also come a long way from the Ford and General Motors of the old economy to forward-thinking and user technology oriented car brands like NIO. The automotive industry is transforming -the car is no longer purely a vehicle that transports us from point A to point B,but also a vessel for people to build a future and a lifestyle surrounded by technology. With NIO, it has been blazing a trail for tomorrow’s brighter blue sky. 

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