29 MAY. 2018

Going Deeper than the Buzz: NIO More than a Car

Starting from Tesla, the Electric Vehicle is becoming one of the main options when people are considering to buy a car for themselves or their families. Among those new electric car brands, NIO is one that stands at the forefront of this next wave, having received endorsements of several big names such as Tencent, JD, Xiaomi and Hillhouse Capital.

As a global startup, NIO declares that it is more of a “user brand” rather than just a “car brand”. Let’s take a glance at NIO using the 4 Facets of Brand Positioning and identify how the brand makes itself more than a car.

Truth – High Performance, Premium Experience

The bottom line of NIO is of course providing high performance smart electric vehicles. On December 16th 2017, NIO officially launched their ES8 SUV. With the comprehensive advanced driver assistance system NIO PILOT, the world’s first in-car AI system NOMI and the new charging experience NIO Power, the ES8 creates a truly mobile living space to consumers. Meanwhile, NIO EVE, a conceptual autonomous car goes one step further and is going to free people from driving in the future.

NIO EVE (Source: NIO Official Website)

More importantly, NIO redefines the experience and feeling of owning a car by offering premium user experiences. Besides the new technologies of NOMI and NIO Power, NIO also creates an exclusive space for its users and their friends – the NIO House. This disruptive service center includes 7 main areas – labs, library, open kitchen, joy camp, gallery, living room and forum – each of them has a unique layout to suit users’ needs.

Vision – Create Ownership Experiences to Exceed Expectations

NIO commits to offer exclusive experiences for users and redefines what premium service means for a car company. NIO believes that when the ownership experience exceeds expectations, electric vehicles will simply become the natural choice for everyone, thus, leading to a more sustainable tomorrow, which is well expressed in its Chinese brand name 蔚来[wèi lái] – Blue Sky Coming.

Occasion – Explore the Joyfulness and Perfection with NIO

The aspiration of NIO is to shape a joyful lifestyle and to explore a world of perfection for users. Taking the NIO House for example, it aims to make you enjoy perfection beyond the car. Imagine that a NIO car owner drives his car to the NIO House, bringing his child to Joy Camp for babysitting, ordering a cup of coffee at the Open Kitchen, dealing with emails and working stuff at the Lab, hosting a product launch event at the Forum and picks up his child at the end of the day to return home. A perfect day in the NIO House.

NIO House (Source: NIO Official Website)

Personality – A Considerate Creator

NIO is not just an electric car. It is a considerate creator who creates an entire experience you never expect. It is smart, thoughtful and innovative. It creates joyfulness and the sense of belonging for users while making them feel positive about owning a car.


The automotive industry is changing. It is not only about the changes in products and technology, but moreover how people will use these products. NIO disruptively positions itself as a global user brand and let’s see how it will upend people’s perception of cars in the future.

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