Going Deeper Than The Buzz: Live Mindfully with the Mindful Company

Min Li Chan

Brand Strategy Team, Singapore

Although mindfulness is not a new concept, “mindful” practice has become increasingly popular in recent years. Mindfulness is defined as “paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” In essence, mindfulness involves the conscious and deliberate direction of our attention.

Mindfulness seems to be exactly what we need in our increasingly connected and frantic world. Moments where people take time to focus on their own well-being are becoming few and far between. As a result, consumers are turning to meditation apps, wisdom quotes and wellness influencers on social media platforms to aid their mindful practices. Brands and businesses are also making moves to enter the space through brand messages that prompt people to immerse themselves in the moment.

An example of a brand that embodied mindfulness in their messaging: Lululemon – ‘Let your mind run free’ campaign (2018)

In South-east Asia, this trend has given rise to The Mindful Company, which designs jewellery that are rich in meaning, quality and design. By using the 4 Facets of Brand Positioning, we can observe how the brand promotes mindfulness with its offerings.

Vision: An Open Heart and a Quiet Mind

With people struggling to cope in a challenging work environment with daily deadlines and long work hours, the idea behind The Mindful Company brand was born. Its accessories are meant as an encouragement for one to love what matters most, as a homage to hope and kindness, and a message to stay positive in the daily grind. The brand commits to offer quality and meaningful products to purposeful individuals, inspiring them to celebrate the ups as well as acknowledge the downs. 

Universe: Same Life But Through a Different Lens

While some brands create a purposely distinctive image to export consumers into a different world, The Mindful Company does the opposite. Instead of creating a new universe, it reminds consumers that the best world is the one they already live in. The key is to find the beauty in the routine and the occasional mundanity in life. The brand encourages the audience to learn to appreciate the little moments in between, as experiences are unique and irreplaceable to each individual. With its jewellery designed to accompany the wearer through any situation, no matter as one looks down at his or her wrist for time, or types on the keyboard at work, or looks at himself or herself in the mirror, they serve as a subtle reminder to seek contentment in the everyday moments of life.

Truth – Timeless and Minimalistic 

Meaningfully minimalistic is how The Mindful Company shapes its consumer’s brand experience. This is most evident in the design of its jewellery. Designed to be timeless and versatile, the products can be worn with other accessories for multiple occasions. The minimalistic design also ensures that the message of each product does not overshadow the products’ design.

Furthermore, the packaging is also an extension of the “mindful” brand experience. Each product is packaged as a gift, which elevates the sense of “recognition of a moment” as one un-boxes the package. Consumers are first welcomed with a printed quote of “life moments” on the box, and thereafter a note which states the intended message for the product. The printed quote cues the symbolised expression of the product, and also serves as a displayed note-to-self.

Examples of TMC’s Product Packaging

Beyond the accessories as a way of expression, the brand also carefully selects and curates aspirational content to its consumers through different channels. Some examples include social media posts on wisdom quotes, blog posts to share ideas about mindful living, and curated wallpapers for consumers to use as a digital reminder on their mobile. The Mindful Company does not consider itself as a jewellery brand, but a brand that promotes mental well-being and connects with consumers through meaningful expressions.

Examples of TMC’s IG Post and Monthly Wallpapers

Personality: The Free-Spirited Best Friend

There is always one friend that seems to be so carefree that no matter what obstacle they face in life, they carry on with a positive stride. Nothing seems to be able to bother them or beat them down. The Mindful Company is that best friend who acts as the inner voice to encourage you and offers you a shoulder to lean on. And unlike other frivolous things in life, the best friend is a constant and unchanging factor in one’s life. For some, family is their best friend. For others, it may be their significant other. Regardless, that friend is empathetic, caring and supportive. And The Mindful Company, through its product design and marketing communication, is exactly that.

Conclusion: An Encouragement to the Mass

Various brands adopt diverse approaches to promote mindfulness. Some do it through their marketing campaigns (e.g. Kitkat’s Have a Break), messaging (e.g. Lululemon) or product offerings (e.g. Headspace). The Mindful Company has all of them combined. As a young start-up, the brand has successfully penetrated Singapore’s jewellery industry with a brand that resonates strongly with consumers on an emotional and aspirational level. As the focus on mindfulness continues to grow in Asia, it is undoubted that The Mindful Company flag will continue to fly high beyond the Singapore shore. 

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