02 MAY. 2018

Going Deeper than the Buzz: Fantastic Douyin World

More and more people indulge in Douyin with a nonstop laughter when they swipe up on their phones. Launched in September 2016, Douyin is a short-video social platform powered by music. The app allows users to create their own 15 second music video whenever and wherever. Just after a merely 2 years, the number of daily active users reached 66 million and made Douyin into one of the most popular short video platforms in Asia, spawning numerous viral trends across the continent.

How did Douyin become such a phenomenal brand within 500 days? Let’s take a look at this young brand by using the 4 Facets of Brand Positioning and figure it out.

Truth – A Cool Community of Video Makers

Douyin plays as a community where original music video makers are gathered and allowed to easily create unique short videos to share with friends and the world. It is the new cultural benchmark for young creators. In this community, everyone who post videos will be the brand spokesperson, no matter he/she is a celebrity or not.

Vision – Let the Adoration Start from Here

Designed for the new generation of digital content creators, Douyin aims to build a world where everyone can gain a spotlight and hit the headlines. We see a lot of users becoming “social stars” overnight thanks to their attractive videos.

Occasion – A Guy Taking Music Selfie

Before Douyin, creating interesting and eye-catching video is quite difficult for common people. However, empowered by industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI), Douyin makes your phone a mobile studio, taking music selfies wherever and whenever you want. It provides powerful and easy-to-use video editing functions, from choosing music to various effects including shaking, shivering, hair dying, 3D stickers and props, by which everyone is able to produce hot videos and fulfill their dream of becoming a cool awesome talented internet celebrity.

Personality – Freestyle and Interesting Jester

How will you describe Douyin? Novel, creative, interesting, inspiring, funny… Douyin is a Jester who gives you laughter and freedom. It embraces diverse styles that each user shows their music talent and taste in very different ways within 15 seconds.


As a Blackhorse in this competitive market of short video apps, Douyin doubtlessly became one of the most successful ones in China while increasingly gaining worldwide reach. However, the popularity also brings more homogenous content which may make the audience feel less excited. How to deal with the un-controlled content and always keep up the high quality will be the main challenge for Douyin in the near future.

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