Digital Platforms: Threats and Opps for Brand Experience

Kevin Gentle

Director and Lead Strategist, MADJOR

Tmall, Facebook, Amazon, WeChat, Airbnb… time and time again these names come up in discussions about brands’ digital futures. For many brands, one of the main questions they seek to answer has to do with how they fit into the eco-systems that these platforms create: in other words, their brand relevance.

This question, while important, often hides the key point of brand differentiation: how do brands maintain their uniqueness and create differentiating experiences in an age of platform domination? How does a single brand exist and stand out in a world where Tmall, WeChat and the like monopolize attention and commoditize brands?

Originally published as a Brandsource article, the questions raised in this article led to broader discussion on platform dynamics and eventually to the topic posed in our June LABReport: The New Landscape of Platform Brands. Read the full LABReport, or continue on to see how this article provides both theoretical clarity to the question of digital platforms and lays out some practical principles for action.

Read the full article via MADJOR, Labbrand's digital transformation agency.

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