01 MAR. 2017

Product and Service Localization for Web Companies

Daniel Legere


Many businesses are refocusing their efforts on adapting their value propositions to reach new markets. China comes out on top in many cases: 710 million Internet users, 656 million mobile web users, 63% e-commerce penetration… it’s no wonder so many business leaders view it as an El Dorado for web companies. But as businesses including eBay, Facebook, Google and Groupon can attest, this El Dorado can often turn out to be a minefield. So, which is it?

Over the past year, a narrative around the impenetrability of China has emerged. Bureaucratic hurdles, stiff competition and divergent technical as well as security standards make it seemingly impossible for foreign players to have a fair shot at success here. We would argue that this is not only wrong in theory, but also proven wrong in practice by companies such as LinkedIn, and Airbnb (all Labbrand Group clients), who continue to go strong amid increasing competition from local incumbents. Indeed, it’s not an easy ride, but with the right approach it is a navigable challenge.

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