23 SEP. 2008

Brand Crisis Management: The China Milk Powder Case

China tainted milk crisis is apparently overstepping national borders and expanding to Southeast Asia.

In fact, in Singapore the sale of products using milk from China has been suspended, while Malaysia and Brunei have been even more drastic announcing bans on all milk products coming from China.

In Singapore a number of confectionery products commonly non directly associated with China – Snicker bars, M&Ms, Oreo wafer just to mention a few – have been removed from shop shelves and it is to be expected that consumers worldwide will have issues in trusting again these brands.

These brands should be now professing transparency and talk openly about products contamination risks in order to address and prevent long term damages.

Conquering consumers trust and loyalty can be already hard enough without product quality concerns. In times of crisis, brands need all the more to communicate their quality control and management practices and be ready to answer to consumers’ questions and doubts to win back public confidence.

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