18 JAN. 2012

Labbrand Interviewed by Le Monde on Chinese Brand Names

Founded in 1944, Le Monde is one of France’s largest and most influential national newspapers. It is also the principal publication of La Vie-Le Monde Group and has the highest overseas sales among French newspapers.

In the article titled “Brands, the new passion of Chinese consumers” (Les marques, nouvelle passion du consommateur chinois), Mr. Djurovic shared his expertise on the localization strategies of several global brands. The article also highlighted key trends emerging among Chinese consumers and the confusion between local and foreign brands.
Mr. Djurovic used Carrefour as an example to demonstrate foreign brands’ adaptation to Chinese values. According to the article, Carrefour’s Chinese name “家乐福” [jiā lè fú] (the house of happiness and prosperity) is closer to Chinese family values than the simple geographic proximity from the original French name, which means crossroads. The article concluded with the notion that foreign brands often choose Chinese names that could be associated with values in consumers’ mind and at the same time, link back to the original brand name based on pronunciation.


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