16 NOV. 2011

Labbrand Interviewed by The New York Times on Brand Names in China

The New York Times article titled “Picking Brand Names in China Is a Business Itself” explores different naming strategies and examples of western brands in China. It started with a lively example:
“After a hard day’s labor, your average upscale Beijinger likes nothing more than to shuck his dress shoes for a pair of Enduring and Persevering, rev up his Precious Horse and head to the pub for a tall, frosty glass of Happiness Power”, also known as Nike, BMW, and Heineken."

Due to Labbrand’s expertise in Chinese brand naming, they were chosen to be interviewed by the New York Times and also provided several interesting examples for the piece. Vladimir Djurovic, president of Labbrand, was quoted saying that the art of picking a brand name “is only a very, very tiny piece of it”. The overall process requires more thought and testing in terms of trademarks and linguistics. Denise Sabet, vice general manager at Labbrand, suggested that the reason why some Chinese words carry more emotion includes cultural differences and the Chinese reliance on characters for words, rather than a phonetic alphabet. The article also mentioned Marvel’s Chinese brand name, created by Labbrand, as an example of good Chinese name.
A version of the article appeared in print on November 12, 2011, on page A4 of the New York edition with the headline: Picking the Pitch-Perfect Brand Name in China.

The online version is available HERE

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