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LABReport Vol. 4 Iss. 3 Nov. 2011

LABReport Vol. 4 Iss. 3 Nov. 2011




Words from the Editor
Dear Reader,
Welcome to the LABReport, a publication by Labbrand’s branding experts, bringing you insightful articles on market research, brand strategy, and the creative aspects of branding.
In this edition of LABReport, we explore the potential of neuroscience for brand innovations, social web marketing in China in terms of Weibo, and illustrate trends in logo redesign. Last but not least, we’ll discuss Chinese online group-purchase brands’ naming strategies.
As our regular readers know, LABReport provides valuable information to help build strong brands. Don’t forget to regularly read our blog, BrandSource, for up to date and analytical commentary on what brands are doing in China and abroad.


We hope you enjoy reading.


From the LABReport Team

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